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We are Martin G.

Our story made it around the world. © Source: DAV

Sometimes you have to do things by halves to raise awareness for an important issue. The crazy story of a guy cutting his items and selling everything on ebay has made it around the world within the last couple of days. This story is not real. We made it up.

“Martin G.” has become a global celebrity this week. After separating from his wife the furious German husband has cut his complete household goods in halves and sells his half on ebay. Around the world news channels report about it: From Samoa to Pakistan, from China to Peru.

Just the video “für laura”, posted below the 16 auctions and documenting the furious cutting, has already gained more than 4.5 million views on YouTube.

But the whole story about the furious husband was just made up!

Behind it: Us, the “Deutsche Anwalt­auskunft”. We are a German online legal magazine, operated by the German Bar Association (DAV) with 66,000 members the largest association of German and German-speaking lawyers.

The idea behind it was to humorously point to a problem that is not only relevant in Germany: Too few married couples take precautions for the case of a possible separation – for example with a marriage contract. The event of divorce then often ends in bitter fights under which not only cars and furniture suffer but especially the effected couples and their children.

Swen Walentowski, press spokesman of German Bar Association: “We are very pleased and would have never expected that our message could reach millions of people worldwide in such a short period of time. No one here expected the numerous interview requests about the fake story and fake divorced husband Martin G. from all parts of the world.”

You can find the auctions on YouTube.

All of the items do really exist and will be auctioned. Of course every highest bidder will be informed about the true story behind the auctions and about our intentions. We don’t want to make money but spread our important message for couples. So any cent coming in will be donated for charity.

The German Bar Association would like to apologize to everybody who was teased for that purpose. Hopefully, at least, you felt well entertained.

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